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Handyman Hourly Rate

Handyman Hourly Rate

  • This is the most Recent Project I just finished to my #1 Customer Mr.WAN This was not a regular paint Project. This project Started with Sanding every Run and rise step by step, then sealing with my special Caulk formula all the cracks, then Apply The Special Stain Provided by Mr. WAN the Result A beautiful And Durable Stain Project.

    Welcome to after a few of my customers told me about creating my website about my services I came out with this really cool Idea in start my business and creating my website based in an hourly rate calculator to help people with a low budget to start any small reparation in any corner of their homes.You can search on google: "handyman services" "handyman" "mr handyman" "handyman magazine" "handyman club of america" "handyman prices" "the handyman" and the results will be a large number of services that charge a lot of money for a basic handyman service.

    No body think about search for: "handyman hourly rate" "calculate hourly rate" "how to determine hourly rate" "salary to hourly rate" even if they search for these keywords they wont care about the results why? because most people got money to hire a contractor that has insurance bond and all the legal requirements to trust their homes. But what is going to happen with the large amount of people that can't afford an expensive contractor? here is the reason I come out with my services.

    Yes Is the solution to all the home owners that can't afford this days to hire a licensed contractor or handyman service in your area. I always wonder why most of them can't tell you at front, how much is he going to be his hourly rate for his services.Most of handyman will tell you after a home owner ask for the estimate "Oh sure I will give you a good deal but I need to see "what exactly are you trying to Do" Yes they say that because they want to go see if they can charge a lot of money based in the area you live in or based in your life stile.

    I am the other side of the tracks I tell at from how much my hourly rate is going to be and you will start from there.And since I am trying to expand my business I am giving free trials for some people that really need help especially Elderly People and any body that sometimes need help at their homes.

    Why no body care about handyman rates?

    Well as I mentioned before:
  • #1 People don't care about the price most of them just care about get the job done one way or another.
  • #2 They already have a Contractor they trust the key of their homes Someone with insurance and bonded to protect their self.
  • #3 Some other home owners like to hire a big remodelling company or a very known contractor like BOB Villa Or DIY Home Improvements,because they just like to appear on TV I don't know.
  • #4 Or Simply they are just Very rich and Don't like to deal with the cheap handyman services out there.
  • In that case won't be hired because They ask for too much requirements and we understand that.But what happen with the home owners that only need a few repairs in their homes? there we go they are the ones that will need to come to their homes and fix their problems affordable and efficiently.

    How to get the best of

    You got the answer spend some time checking every corner of your home to find bad areas that need attention ASAP don't let thinks to get worst because later will be more hard to fix and more expensive.Then Visit opend the "Contact us" page from the top menu,or open any link with the word Free Stimate Then fill out the form with what you need to get fixed send the message and we will replay back in 20 to 30 minutes

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